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R410A 環保雪種









Window Type

Air Conditioner DC Inverter

Ultra-low volume fogger 
Ultra-low volume sprayers Disinfectants for the new generation high-performance devices, it has low noise, high efficiency, long-distance, fog particles small, fault less, easy maintenance features, supporting high-quality motor, energy-saving and durable . Medicine chest volume 5 liters, a large area can be realized Disinfectants operations; as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, theaters, military barracks, farms and other places of Health Disinfectants, health and disease prevention the preferred model. Machine made of high-quality engineering plastics, high strength, anti-aging, long service life. We are committed to devote themselves to continuous improvement of new technology R & D and manufacturing processes, product strengths and weaknesses are evaluated by user testing, we have re-credit, heavy quality, after-sales service, our goal is to make customer satisfaction a high-quality products.
  • Power of large, long range, low noise, fogging effect is good.
  • Machine, light weight, 5 liters medicine chest can be large-scale spraying operations capable.
  • Spray with a hose with switch button on the first front-end, angle of arbitrary swing, real-time switch, efficient, convenient, provincial drug.
  • Medicine chest and translucent lid with the scale provide a drug ratio of the convenience and accuracy.
  • Nice and reasonable compact, more lightweight and flexible working hours.
    (With the work of straps)
  • Supporting high-quality motors, NSK bearings and brushes BOSCH, stable quality and reliable service life longer.
  • Patented technology, performance and efficiency compared with similar aerosol significantly increased.
Technical parameters:
Medicine chest Capacity 5.0 liters
Cup Capacity 150 ml
Spray volume 0-470 ml / min (adjustable)
droplet size 10-150 micron (adjustable)
Wind-range 8-10m
Hose Length 350 mm
Spray angle 15 ~ 45 °
Rated Voltage 220V/Hz
Power Consumption 800W
Working Noise ≤ 80dB
Host speed 35000 r / min
Product Size 880X160X270 mm
Package Size 568X250X335 mm
Net mass about 2.35kgincluding cable)
Packaging Quality: 3.45 kilograms                                    
DHL Express weight : 11kg
Scope of application:
This series of products applicable to a variety of large and medium sites and vehicles, sanitation and epidemic prevention, disinfection, insecticide work. Such as the H1N1 influenza, avian flu, SARS and other disease control disinfection, natural disasters, environmental disinfection, airports, stations, terminals, customs, hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, shopping centers, entertainment, hospitals, markets, communities, animal farm disinfection and sterilization, etc.; transport disinfection (such as aircraft, buses, taxis, ships, etc.). Can be used for air humidification, humidification conservation of precast concrete structures, laboratory spray testing.
Scope of application:
  1. Preparation: plug in the power plug, open the sprayer switch, to confirm sprayers working properly. (Note that the check supply voltage with the machine in line) when spraying pesticides or sterilizing agents, should pay attention to make the necessary security protection, application to set the scene cordon to prohibit people or animals.
  2. Dispensing: Remove the lid medicine, will cover only the inverted attracts a measuring cup with a scale, according to the proportion of drug shows good liquid preparation, the tightened drug lid.
  3. Spraying: Spray the first position to open the power switch, according to your needs by adjusting the liquid flow rate knob, you can get the amount you need to spray. Adjustment knob clockwise to reduce flow of spray volume, droplet will become more detailed at this time; counterclockwise flow adjustment knob to increase the amount of spray.
  4. Spraying is completed, recovery of the power line; clean medical kit and medicines Road, dry storage.