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Daikin VRV air conditioner

Daikin proudly introduces the VRV-X series, which is well-suited to large-sized buildings. This air conditioning system provides outdoor units that extend air conditioning capacity up to 66 HP. It also incorporates numerous outstanding features, such as a wide range of outdoor and indoor units, longer actual and total piping length, and high external static pressure. The VRV X series provides the power and versatility you need for flexible design and easy installation in large-sized buildings.

Operation sound level selectable from 3 steps for the night mode .

Special Features of VRV heat pump air conditioner:

1.High efficiency Heat Exchanger DC Inverter R410

Set on the outdoor PCB. Time of maximum temperature is memorised. The low operating mode will initiate 8 hours*1 after the peak temperature in the daytime, and normal operation will resume 10 hours*2 after that.


2. External Static Pressure (ESP)

The additional ESP (81Pa) provides far more flexibility when designing condensing units in plant room applications. No additional components are required to extend the fan performance.


3. Advanced Defrost Cycle Operation in Heating


Superior Heating Comfort thanks to the newly adopted continuous heating during defrost function, cold draft discharge from the indoor unit during defrost is eliminated. Therefore,heating comfort is improved and better maintained.

Each heat exchanger is defrosted by using heat transferred from one heat exchanger to the other in the outdoor unit.


4. Backup Functions


In order to make operation time equal for each compressor in a manifolded system, the outdoor units are used in rotation. The operation priority starts once the following conditions have been met:
1)On completion of oil recovery cycle
2)On completion of defrost
3)Upon restart once a system has stopped
The cyclical start-up sequence of multiple outdoor unit systems equalize compressor duty and extends operating life.


In case of compressor trouble in a manifolded system,it is required to disable the entire module with the malfunction. It is not possible to disable only one compressor and leave the other compressor running in that module. This is due to oil balancing within the system. The “emergency mode” in a manifolded system can be set to manual or automatic via a field code.
The automatic mode is achieved by pressing the on/off button for four seconds once the compressor malfunction code has been activated. This allows the end user (if desired) to reset the system and run on 50% of heating/cooling until a service technician arrives.

5.VRV Controls System:

Unless it is controlled, managed and operated in an appropriate manner, a high-performing system will not be able to provide the energy-efficiency or comfort it claims. Promoting the systemization of control management not only improves efficiency, but also represents a number of possibilities in terms of convenience. Daikin’s line up of intelligent controls gives the user the ability to address all needs in one package and one supplier: Daikin.


6.VRV Combination

The biggest Single installation outdoor cooling capacity :from 8HP(22.4KW) to 22HP(61.5Kw)

Two combination outdoor units cooling capacity from:24HP(67Kw) to 46HP(128.9KW)

Three combination outdoor units cooling capacity from:48HP(134.5Kw) to 66HP(184.5KW)


7.Indoor Units lineup