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R410A 環保雪種









Window Type

Air Conditioner DC Inverter




World's best class energy saving : EER of 4.52*

Superior EER

EER of 4.52* achieved by Toshiba's unrivalled SDI technologies and newly developed components.

*When heating with 4 HP CDU system



Greater Installation Flexibility

Compact design CDU

With the adoption of refrigerant R410A, Toshiba DI outdoor units now boast an ultra compact and lightweight design for easy and convenient installation.

illustration of unit size
*DI series


picture of Twin spilit systemTwin split System

Fits with various size room and form
- Combination : Same type and capacity of indoor units 
- Twin kit Line up

picture of Twin spilit system


New 4 way cassette indoor unit

Individual louvre control

The angles of each of the four louvres can be set individually
Enables airflow to be chosen according to user preferences.

Easy installation

The panel is attached using the bolt that is already installed on the indoor unit.