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R410A 環保雪種









Window Type

Air Conditioner DC Inverter





42CE Fan Coil Units are the new energy saving products improved with advanced technology by Carrier. The units have advanced technology of low noise fan, air condition manufacture process and the last lanced sine wave fin.Based on 42CM FCU, 42CE is developed to be an ultra-tranquil, high efficiency, convenient using and compact configuration product.


The units use the wide wheel of latest design and low speed forward-curved blades, which are most suitable for the motor, Addition with good insulated noise eliminated material, unit noise is 25dB(A) lower than the same type unit.

High Efficiency:

Aluminum lanced sine wave fin coils with copper tubing assure highly efficient heat transfer between primary and secondary coil surfaces.

Ultra thin:

The unit height is only 220mm so that they can save installation space and meet the requirement of all kinds of situation.

Agile selection:

Considering of the specialties and limit of installation, Carrier offer different drain pan to the consumer.

  • Standard drain pan-reduce the installation space, especially to the narrow installation space.
  • Lengthened drain pan-well collect possible sweating from field installed valves.
  • External drain pan-350mm length can be selected to meet the requirement of all kind of condition.

Beside the characteristic above, the units hae more development below:

  1. Change the terminal from close to open structure and the wiring of motor to metal tube to assure more safety and reliability.
  2. The latest noise eliminated fiberglass insulation can assure not only the good appearance and perfect performance but also well-insulated performance and standard under the testing of most abominable sweat condition.
  3. The round wheel of latest design can apply high temperature situation reliably.
  4. The drain pan and insulation are mould holistically to make the process more easy and better as well as prevent the leak when welding the drain pan.